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Town Planning

Town Planning

The firm provides expert planning services for all town planning and / or property development related matters. Whether it be rezoning of land or preparation of development applications (including ‘Major Projects’), Allen, Price & Scarratts are the experts.

Allen, Price & Scarratts has the in-house expertise, knowledge and skill built up over 60 years of local practice to deal with physical, legal, economic, environmental and planning constraints to optimise the development potential of land whilst minimising total costs.

Allen, Price & Scarratts’ town planning and development related services include:

  • Subdivision design,
  • Policy preparation,
  • Preparation of detailed planning reports or Statements of Environmental Effects,
  • Preparation of development applications for:
    – Subdivisons (residential, rural, industrial, commercial),
    – Medium density housing developments and subdivision of medium density housing,
    – Dual occupancy development and subdivision of dual occupancy development,
    – Commercial developments,
    – Industrial developments,
    – Tourist developments,
    – Rural dwellings,
    – Agricultural enterprises,
  • Development contribution advice (water, sewer and community facility contributions),
  • Submissions and appeals,
  • Rezoning of land,
  • Site investigations for development potential and feasibility reporting,
  • Advice on bushfire related matters and other natural hazards including flooding and how they may affect the development of land,
  • Co-ordination of specialist consultants reports including bushfire, threatened species, flooding reports, geotechnical investigations.